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TATLER DESIGN AWARDS 2021 Nomination Announcement

Archluxe for Best Luxury Concept

Some good news ahead: this year, Archluxe has been nominated for Best Luxury Concept for Tatler Design Awards 2021.

Below is the excerpt from Tatler:

“A love of futuristic elements grounded by the traditional practice of feng shui inspired a home that is uniquely tailored for a family of three in northern Singapore. The principal designer for the interior design project, Sean Hafiz of ArchLuxe, admits the inclusion of feng shui requirements was initially challenging. “At first it might seem like the different feng shui elements could clash and we had to really consider how we could combine them together,” says the designer.

Home to a family of three, the couple’s feng shui considerations favoured curves, which led to a reconfiguration of the three-bedroom apartment as the layout was initially more angular. Interestingly, the initial brief from the young couple also emphasised a modern, science fiction-inspired aesthetic that the team incorporated into the overall design. “The curves are also inspired by the silhouette of a spaceship, but we made the final look more homely and elegant,” adds the designer.”

You can help us win by voting for the Readers’ Choice categories here. Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks and happy festive season 2020!

Archluxe’s designs mostly reflect our taste for heritage and luxury interiors. But we also like to tell a story about you too. Our end goal is to create something that is an expression of the homeowner's style and personality. Archluxe’s extensive background as interior design and renovation specialists will ensure the best handover delivery. Whatever the size of the project, we are keen to be involved, it could be a full home redesign or just a styling/staging proposal to spruce up the place, get in touch with us so that we may provide you the right solutions you need.

For more information, contact:

Adelene Tie

Marketing Manager



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