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Brilliant Meld of Scandi & Mid-Century Modern by Archluxe

This modern living space brings you a foray of organic textures we love about the Scandinavian with hints of the Mid-Century style in a contemporary configuration.

This living room space cleverly utilizes the length of the floor plan. The curvaceous sofa with its soothing textured fabric draws you to the focal point of the room, the feature wall with diagonal marble-like texture that animates the floor-to-ceiling backdrop. Bringing together the space is the globe sputnik chandelier in clear glass that adds dimensionality to the space.

Even with such a spacious space, the interior configuration fills in the space and successfully defines every functional area without alienating and obstructing adjacent spaces.

The clever ensemble of the curved sectional sofa and individual seats also allows you to reconfigure anytime when you need a refreshing take on your lounge area.

Aside from its curved form and low back, the lounge’s ivory hue becomes obscure with the white curtain sheers, allowing your eyes to rove freely through the space.

The full height windows are covered with sheer curtains to allow generous natural light into the home, with blackout curtains ready to be drawn anytime for more privacy.

Taking cue from the soft curves of your lounger is the modern oblong rug that anchors and define your living area.

The dining table with curved corners and velvet dining seats lend a warm tone and rhythmically play along with the curves of the rest of the furniture.

Adding another dimensionality to your wall is the diagonal pattern with wood-like streaks running through the dining backdrop. Thank you Design Authority feature! Read the Full Article here


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