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Slowly and steadily integrating into parts of our daily lives, the purpose of Smart Home Technology is to offer convenience and ease to the way we live. Let us bring your home to the epitome of 21st-century living. What is Technology Integration All About? On top of interior design, we also provide add-on services such as converting your home to a smart one. Whether it’s integrating your smart home assistants or smart appliances or even setting up essential smart home routines to upgrade your home living experience, read along for some of the latest trends ARCHLUXE has identified to adopt in the luxury smart home sphere.

Differentiating Elements of a Modern Luxury Smart Home For a smart home to fit into a luxurious concept, it’s the little details that matter. The material and hand feel of a device determine whether the gadget looks luxurious or not. According to Koble Co-founder and smart home expert, Eric Yeo, things like a tempered glass smart switch that looks sleek and fingerprint resistant can make all the difference in the electrical fixtures of a luxury home setting.

The difference between luxury and other interior styles when it comes to smart home installations is placing importance on selecting decor-friendly gadgets for the space. What good is smart home technology if it clashes with your home’s décor and ambiance? On top of the function, we increasingly choose to make sure the home automation technologies also look nice and are able to blend into the room style. Smart devices need aesthetically pleasing good design, smart door locks need to look sleek and modern, and lastly, pop-up plugs are another luxurious looking solution to keep bulky appliances when not in use. Top 5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for 2021

The key to picking smart home appliances is to check their connectivity, making sure that they are able to pair with other smart home devices you have at your home making the whole experience an integrated one. If you’re looking for an audio system, gadgets such as the highly celebrated Sonos One is a good quality multi-functional speaker with both Alexa and Google home assistant support functions. They are able to pair with other audio devices as well to create a surround sound environment. Having a smart outlet plug is another good device to have as it can transform your normal devices to enable remote app controls and other smart functions. Security cameras are also notable devices to have as the benefits of having a home surveillance can enhance safety measures around your home. You can choose to record audio or video of any abnormal activities right outside your compound. Another very helpful appliance is the iRobot for cleaning the floors of your home and lastly reliable and efficient August Smart Locks almost unanimously capture the hearts of the most discerning customers. Top 5 Koble Products for the Home

The top five Koble smart home products to have in your home are the Zigbee Gateway, Koble Smart Infrared Controller, Koble Smart Switches, Koble Motorized Smart Curtains and Blinds, and Koble Smart Motion Sensor. The Zigbee Gateway acts as a low-power wireless mesh network to create an integrated ecosystem of home monitoring, energy management, lighting, cooling, and convenience devices. The Koble Smart Infrared Controller connects to your air conditioning system allowing you to control your home’s cooling unit from the convenience of your smartphone or voice assistant while the Koble Smart Switch connects to any other hardware appliances which you can then sync to your app for remote control, or to a voice assistant platform, or even group appliances up to one single switch.

Koble Smart Motorized Curtains and Blinds can be pre-programmed to allow the sunlight to get in at the appropriate times and day and come in various designs including curtain tracks to Venetian, roller, and zebra blinds to fit your aspired look. Lastly, a highly useful product is the Koble Smart Motion Sensor that is mostly used with lights to light up the hallway in the middle of the night while heading to the bathroom. Other uses include detecting abnormal movement in the home while you are out. As the sensor can be paired to work with different smart-enabled devices, further creative setups can be customized making the possibilities endless.

Read more about these products at the original article on Koble’s website here. Tips to Enhance the Security of a Smart Home System

When considering about security of a Smart Home, there are two things to look at. One is the actual security these smart devices offer for your house which we have addressed earlier. Next, is the security of these devices from being cyber hacked due to their constant connectivity to the internet. How do you protect yourself from these cyber attacks? On a basic level, you need to make sure that all your devices have a unique password and store them in a password manager.

If you subscribe to a smart tech provider service, always make sure that you are aware of how your data is collected and opt for a reputable service provider so that there are no potential data breaches. Smart Home Customer Service

When installing your smart home with us, you will likely be advised to pick options that have the highest connectivity between all devices. According to Yeo, “on top of wifi connectivity, most smart home devices will still be connected to physical switches such as Zigbee Hub and Switch where you will be able to manually switch on/off any appliances”.

Other than that, Koble’s app has an FAQ page where you can troubleshoot any commonly faced problems and if the issue is still unsolved, you may contact a smart home specialist such as Eric himself. Burgeoning Trends in Smart Home Automation Technology

Smart devices are also getting really smart due to machine learning and A.I. As a device collects data of a user’s patterns, its responses are calibrated and improved over time to the user’s daily routine and responses.

Lastly, there is also an increase in smart healthcare devices in the market likely inspired by people’s desire for health and wellness. A bed with smart features can monitor and track your sleep quality. Mood-aware devices can track and detect depression by analyzing data such as heart rate and blood pressure. Communication devices with sensors built in them can aid remote consultation and care in the event that a patient is not able to physically make a visit to see the doctor. About Koble Home Koble Home is a professional Singapore smart home solutions provider. Their specialists will tailor home automation products according to your needs, and integrate them onto their platform. Koble provides a fuss-free and functional smart home transformation experience, to give you unprecedented convenience, comfort, and security. The smarter home that you deserve.

Additionally, Koble has more than 15 dealers in Singapore and works with numerous accredited partners. Koble is also a smart home partner of the Singapore Land Authority.

With this special collaboration with Archluxe, Koble Home will give a complimentary Sonos One (worth $329) for Archluxe customers with a minimum spend of at least $3,500.


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