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Working with the best logistics partners, we can make your relocation to Singapore to be a smooth sailing one. Leave it to us to plan the nitty-gritty details while you enjoy adjusting to your new surroundings. Leave your contact details below for a quote and we will get back to you. How We Move

Full packing services for your personal effects, art pieces, and other delicate items

Whichever country you are located in, our extensive network and experience can ensure your move to Singapore be an enjoyable one. When you engage in our services, you can opt-in for our full-suite services that start with the packing of all your personal effects, and even fragile, delicate items such as your prized artwork and/or furniture.

Furniture protection, logistics, and storage solutions

With furniture, we start by dismantling the pieces for transportation and reassemble them when they are at their destination. The pieces are handled with the utmost care by packing them in protective materials then subsequently packed into wooden crating — a requirement for all the furniture that we transport. Lastly, we also manage all the customs clearance and freight forwarding for you so that you do not need to worry about your things getting lost in transit or damaged and just focus on your move to a new and foreign place!

We even provide temporary storage solutions should the worst-case scenario happens and you somehow have not gotten the keys to your apartment. Or maybe your furniture arrived earlier than the ETA. We have storage solutions for scenarios when your destination is not ready for move-in yet.

Maid and Handyman services

Moving to a new place can be a stressful one, we know this, and after arriving in Singapore, we also provide maid and handyman services to help with unpacking and reassembling your furniture and belongings so that you can quickly get comfortable and feel the resemblance of home again! What Else We Can Do We not only pack and ship your belongings, but we also turn your new apartment into a home!

Interior Design and Styling

Our designs mostly reflect our taste for heritage and luxury interiors. But we also like to tell a story about you too. Our end goal is to create something that is an expression of the homeowner's style and personality. Ideally, our projects incorporate some meaningful storytelling to delight anyone walking through a home tour. Our style is most prominently modern luxury so let us help you incorporate a heritage story into your modern luxury interior styling. Whatever the size of the project, we are keen to be involved, it could be a full redesign or just a styling/staging proposal to spruce up the place, get in touch with us so that we may provide you the right solutions you need.

Furniture Curation and Matching

You've brought your must-have pieces of furniture with you, and now you need furniture matching and curation of other pieces to complete the household — be it custom or designer furniture, whatever you have planned for the curation mix, we can provide the right recommendations for the utmost comfort, functionality, and maximum design impact of your interiors.

Smart Home Setup

Slowly and steadily integrating into parts of our daily lives, the purpose of Smart Home Technology is to offer convenience and ease to the way we live. Let us bring your home to the epitome of 21st-century living. Let us know which are the preferred smart assistants and we can recommend the right solutions for you. We also offer to turn your normal switches to smart switches, that way you can control most of the electronic devices you have at your new home. Fun Facts About Singapore! As with any country in the world, a new place means a new set of cultures and customs! Here are some of the things Singaporeans are known for!

  • If you see a long queue at a restaurant, the food is most probably good.

  • Take off your shoes in the house!

  • If you don’t understand some of the local slang, feel free to ask! The most popular one is “lah” which adds emphasis to a sentence.

  • At the hawker centre, you’re allowed to “chope” your territory (your table) with a packet of tissue while you go and queue to order food.

  • Explore Changi Airport and you’ll discover you can pretty much do anything you can think of there — Shopping? Check. Something thrilling? Check. Good food? Check. Beautiful views? Check.

About CYC Movers Incorporated in 2003, CYC Movers specializes in residential and commercial relocation solutions — both domestically and internationally. As a professional moving company in Singapore, CYC mainly provides house moving services, office moving services, and international moving services. Since then, CYC has served more than 10 thousand families, businesses, and government entities.

Coined “The CYC Experience”, your move when you engage their services will entail close attention to your concerns, priorities, and considerations. Last but not least, you can be confident that the properties that you are entrusting to CYC Movers to be in great handle and care onto your new home, office, data center, or lab.

With this special partnership with Archluxe, CYC Movers are also offering you — our customers, a 10% off moving fee when you quote "ArchluxexCYC" for any of the above services.


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