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Archluxe Soft Launch

We debuted Archluxe by hosting a soft launch event on 12 November 2020 where invited guests were amongst other industry peers and exclusive partners. It was a night of introduction to Archluxe’s brand to look forward to an evening of inspiring discussion and future collaborations!

For the night itself, after the welcome toast by our principal designer, Sean Hafiz (which can be watched at our video highlight above!), we were honored to have Chef Benson Tong present his menu of the night, the Grand Tour of China 6-course dinner and had To Be Calm and Bloomback as our event sponsors.

Introducing ARCHLUXE — a premium label interior design firm. ARCHLUXE is a niche brand that focuses on creating interior experiences with a nod to heritage and luxury. We are developing this label to cater to a niche market of clients who are connoisseurs of design and lifestyle experiences.

Take a peek through the keyhole, unlock the mystery, and come and join us in a world as we aim to redefine luxury interiors and experiences.


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