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Archluxe Home Tour | A Futuristic Home Designed with Feng Shui Principles

It is important to our Principal Designer, Sean Hafiz, to develop a connection between homeowner and designer right from the beginning as a developed connection can help the interior designer gain insight into the homeowner(s) and household’s needs. With this guiding principle in mind, you can understand Archluxe’s design philosophy translates not only in interiors nor concepts but also holistically towards any sales recommendation. On top of aesthetic concepts, every design feature in the home also has its functional aspects that play a role in the space.

Feng Shui is also part of our unique heritage culture and therefore is one that resonates deeply with Archluxe’s philosophy of designing heritage and luxury interiors. For this particular design brief, it’s a play of contrasts between the futuristic space-age concept that inspired the homeowners and the earthy tones of brown, green, and gold recommended by the couple’s geomancy consultant. On top of color play, there are other repetitive design elements — such as the use of curved and rounded forms (as opposed to angular), and in the master bedroom, the wallpaper is layered with “different textures upon textures” that serve to tie these contrasting themes together.

The organic and rounded spatial flow of the home plays a role in line with Feng Shui considerations of the property. Reconfiguration of the angular layout then “loosely inspired the silhouettes of a spaceship, but we made the final look more homely and elegant,” says Sean. “The lighting and furniture pieces all feature curved or circular details,” the designer added. The Ultra-Modern Living Room

Examples of the ultra-modern elements reflected in the living room are where the curved furnishings define the space such as the luxurious leather-upholstered TV console with built-in cabinetry with added emphasis by accenting with LED lights along the organic lines. And then there’s the custom-designed velvet couch — that quasi-spaceship design of the forest green velvet couch is genuinely a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that is also ergonomic, one that is deeply curved inward to form a cozy nook. The ample depth of the couch design also additionally allows a footrest to be seamlessly designed into the couch to boot. The space-age design of the couch is then contrasted with elements of nature such as the rounded circular rug with a marble-like pattern and chandelier with floral-like elements framing a rounded cove ceiling lined with watercolor-inspired wallpaper and warm LED lighting. The Outdoor Balcony that Transforms into an Indoor One

Right outside of the living room is the balcony that comes with a designated bar showcasing the couple’s collection of alcohol complete with a kitchen sink and countertop for drinks preparation. When the Ziptrak blinds come down, the open balcony then transforms into an indoor one, making the balcony the perfect lounging area regardless of weather conditions. Ziptrak blinds are also an excellent option for when you have little children at home as it also acts as a safety system to prevent your child from lifting the bottom beam. The Futuristic Master Bedroom

The design concept and color palette of the living room is extended to the master bedroom where a semi-curved false ceiling is created to add depth with accent LED lighting. To add emphasis on that semi-curve ceiling, a similarly shaped rug line underneath the bed. A custom leather grey and mirror paneled headboard, the green glass lamp pendant light on either side of the bed, and the two poles holding up the vanity at the foot of the bed create an illusion of height in the room while letting your eye travel upwards to the unique false ceiling design. The overall effect of the bedroom design again looks like a spaceship was built into the bed. “The one (headboard panel) bordering the bed has an interesting snakeskin texture,” shares the designer. He says the use of wallpaper, which he sourced from local brand Kin Atelier, is key to making this home feel cozy and warm. “A lot of people in Singapore feel that wallpaper might peel off over time. But when you choose the right wallpaper product, it can last for years. Wallpaper can make a huge difference in making a home feel very comfortable.”​ Homely Decor above the Shoe Cabinet

Another feature that is heavily influenced by Feng Shui principles is the shoe cabinet lining the entrance hallway. Feng Shui fundamentals dictate that shoes should not be kept above chest height and thus you can see display cabinets built on top of the shoe cabinets. Family photos and other display decor are then placed in this area as a great way to showcase the collective memories of the family of three along the hallway making it more homely. “We gave more attention to the living area and shoe cabinet; we created them in a way where the design of both complements each other with similar color tones and textures,” explains the designer. Modern Farmhouse in the Kitchen and the Powder Room

The open-concept kitchen exudes a modern farmhouse vibe in a palette of grey and gold, with sleek metallic trimmings along the island and fittings on the cabinet and appliances. The floors are placed with patterned tiles that defined the kitchen from the dining area.

And then similar to the kitchen, the petite powder room area is not without its myriad of details. They also carry this modern farmhouse aesthetic with the half dusty purple shade — again recommended by the geomancy consultant — and half subway tiled wall. The use of tiles helps create homely warmth and simplicity against the sleek colors and futuristic design backdrops throughout the home, once again accentuating the concept of contrasts in a sleek and elegant manner in this contemporary home design.

Most recently, we were nominated by Tatler Singapore for "Best Luxury Concept" for this home interior!


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