date completed. 2 October 2020

type of residence. New Condo

residence size. 743 sqft

project cost. $180,000

The luxurious setting for a new home at Stars of Kovan is punctuated with various tones of rich brown woodgrains, reflective surfaces, and marble veining whilst complemented by plush furnishings, organic lines at the ceiling, and ample hidden storage spaces throughout to maximize the potential of compact living.


The hidden doorways designed seamlessly to the living room and dining area wall feature cleverly separates the communal space from the living quarters and kitchen and laundry area. This idea of maximizing real estate space with thoughtfully inconspicuous spaces is also designed throughout the house namely as hidden storage spaces such as in the pink bedroom’s plush headboard and additional storage behind the sliding display cabinets in the study room.

In the living room, elements of nature are represented by the glass drops chandelier — the chandelier is really an exquisite piece as they look like water drops from entangled branches that are actually chandelier arms. This ethereal piece acts as the accent for the luxury dining area and the rest of the room is kept consistent with the use of gold outlines and fittings found on wall treatments, and table and chair legs.

According to American paint company, Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2021, Urbane Bronze, is a warm nature-inspired brownish-gray shade. “The home is now the ultimate retreat from the world, and color is an easy and effective way to create a personal haven,” Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, said in a press release. “Urbane Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.”

What is biophilic design? Modern living leaves our new environment a concrete jungle surrounded by blocks and blocks of buildings. As a solution to this, biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature via incorporating things from nature such as plants and ample lighting. All of this is to create a more productive and healthy built environment for people.⁠

Nature-inspired elements are expressed throughout this bedroom with wood grain laminate walls layered with botanical-patterned wallpaper and "choice of asymmetrical lighting -- water drop pendant light on one side and the other, a lamp mimicking mushroom, for bedside illumination", says the designer, Sean Hafiz. The gold outlines separating each panel add a luxe factor to the design of this master bedroom while the choice of linens mirroring the wallpaper with soft marble-printed pillowcases also feature energetic orange adds a pop of color to contrast with the otherwise almost zen-like articulation of the bedroom.⁠

Elements of nature in the bedroom is further echoed at the TV wall feature with playful mix of surfaces to bring interest in an otherwise plain wall -- the TV is outlined by the same plush surface from the bed headboard while another interesting wallpaper is applied in the same bedroom except that on this side the wallpaper mimics stone with its brushed concrete look and is paired next to wooden fluted wall panels that also seamlessly accommodate hidden storage space to keep the view clutter-free and turning this master bedroom into a modern and upscale private sanctuary.

The nature-inspired themes from the master bedroom are also repeated in the daughter’s bedroom although done in a notably different manner such as with the use of pink tones throughout the soft furnishings of the room — floral pillowcases, dusty pink throws, rounded pouf pillows, and velvet pink plush bed headboard.

The daughter’s bedroom is a simple and feminine no-frills bedroom featuring a vanity and a storage headboard built into the velvet plush pink bed headboard as a means for hidden and additional storage solution for the already compact and limited size of the apartment.The result is a room that demonstrates a balance of practical function and expression of personality.

In the understated study, designs are kept at a minimum to reduce distractions in an already compact room. Save for the bubble chandelier overhead, the study is stripped of all embellishment and presented in muted grey tabletops and light wood flooring and paneling. What makes this study pop really, is the LED lights that line the insides of the display cabinet and edges of wood panels and the result is you notice the elongated height of this particular home.

As the family also collects mini figurines, they wanted to have a display cabinet in the study to showcase their collection. The challenge of this display cabinet was that it had to be built in a way so that it can be pushed back so that the fire safety window is not obstructed and the additional storage cupboard at the corner can also be accessed with ease.

The kitchen is purely a functional area for the family, the similar elements of design from the whole house are the play on natural elements such as light wood grain cabinet doors, large-format marble floor tiles, and glossy black grained backsplash.


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