Ardmore Park _ Split Background


ArchLuxe is an Interior Design Studio, lead by Principal Designer, Sean Hafiz, that came about as an extension of our existing parent company, Mr Shopper Studio. As we continued our design journey and conceived a multitude of luxury interior projects, there was a need to create a subdivision that was niche and specialized to cater specifically to the advocates of heritage and luxury — a label for those who wanted to see more of these elements in our interior designs.

Our background as interior design and renovation specialists provide us with a holistic connection in every aspect of the journey — from conceptualization to the handover of your premise keys. Like interlinking chains, our network ensures that every aspect of your needs is covered — leading to full-suite project planning services, specializing in interior design, luxury styling, furniture curation, technology integration, and relocation services.

Unlock the mystery and come join us in a world as we help you redefine luxury interiors and experiences.